The Dolphin Way..what kind of parent are you?

A friend of mine invited me to her book launch a few weeks back. She had written a book on Child rearing. Being a parent myself I was intrigued to find out the category my parenting style fell under.

Dr. Shimi Kang knows of what she speaks she is a mom of three kids. Married to a wonderful and supportive man.   She juggles schedules and activities just like you and I. Dr Kang went to medical school at the age of 19 and completed her research fellowship at HARVARD.   Dr Kang’s childhood was very different then that of her kids today.  She was never enrolled in any extra activities outside school.   She has accomplished quite a bit you would certainly say.   Take a look at her bio below.

Dr. Shimi Kang

The Dolphin Way Book Launch
The Dolphin Way Book Launch


Dr Shimi Kang’s Official Press Bio 

“Dr. Shimi Kang is an award-winning, Harvard-trained doctor, researcher, media expert, and lecturer on human motivation. She is the Medical Director for Child and Youth Mental Health for Vancouver community, a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia, and the founder of the Provincial Youth Concurrent Disorders Program at BC Children’s Hospital. She has helped hundreds of children, adolescents, and parents move toward positive behaviours and better health. In 2012, Dr Kang received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for outstanding community service.”

So what type of parent are you?

Do you know?

Maybe you are a combination?

Here are Dr. Kang’s three categories of parenting style:

1. The Tiger Approach  The Tiger parent as authoritarian parenting approach originally common in major Asian countries, but now adapted in the West. With modern-day pressures and expectations, children are failing rather then flourishing under this parenting style. This form of parenting results in a hard worker, highly disciplined and high IQ individual who lacks communication skills, empathy and ability to stray from book smarts. Control is never given to their kids.  Essentially, these tiger cubs are not ready to survive the pressures and unpredictability of the 21 century.

2. Jellyfish Approach  is a form of permissive parenting. These parents tend to avoid confrontation and have few to no rules. They fail to develop expectation in respecting authority, social etiquette and personal values. Too much control is given to kids before they are ready. As a result, children of jellyfish parenting tend to float around aimlessly. They lack self control, have low self-esteem, low confidence and low competence.

3. Dolphin Approach is a ‘balanced approach based on bonding, role modelling, and firmly guiding children towards a balanced way of life leading to internal drive for health, happiness, and success’. This form of parenting encourages your child to strive for success, a solid, meaningful relationship with their parents, enjoy the journey that life offers them, and respect authority,while maintaining a balance in body, mind and soul. Rules are created, problem solving skills are encouraged and the child is provided with an environment to which they feel safe and secure, but able to make their own decisions. They are responsible for their reactions and encouraged to see it as a learning experience rather then a fault.

The Dolphin Way
The Dolphin Way

If you are interested in reading more about your parenting style,  you can follow the link below to Dr Kang’s website.


So it turns out I am parenting THE DOLPHIN WAY WITH A TOUCH OF TIGER MOM!  oh what a surprise!

Congrats Shimi!

Hugs kJ


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