Luxury Branding with the Cadillac CTS 2013!

Cadillac CTS Sedan Event- Life in the Fast Lane

As an on air personality I have been invited to make appearances at various events. I must say that attending Cadillac’s CTS 2013 Launch was definitely something I hugely enjoyed.

I don’t know if you know this about me but I’m a huge car fan. I love all the details that go into building a car starting from the concept. It’s always so exciting to see the innovations and how the industry is pushing the boundaries with designs and ingenuity.

I actually met my husband at the 1993 Auto Show in Toronto over 15 years ago, so I knew when I got the invite from GM that I not only had to go, but I had to take him with me.

Last night at the Shangri La Hotel I attended the Cadillac launch party of their new CTS Sedan. Everything about this event associated itself with the Cadillac brand,high end, luxury and dramatic flair.

After registering at the front of the room, I walked into the dimly blue lit ballroom to be greeted by delicious smells from the food stations featuring sushi, cheeses, roast beef (carved on the spot) and oysters.

After nibbling on a couple of plates of the palate pleasing appetizers, hubby and I headed over to the “on the spot” custom bow tie station provided by Philip Sparks. There, we chose our fabric as the sewing team began creating our custom pieces. I picked up 2 adorable bow ties for my boys and while their reactions were minimal, I am absolutely thrilled to have a great new accessory for them to wear to our next family function.

After a quick detour back to the Oyster Station (I told you I love to eat), I headed over to the mixology station where Bar Chef was creating an array of drinks that I sipped and sampled.

Now came the big moment when they revealed the new Cadillac CTS Sedan. Screens around the room suddenly featured an elegant violinist in a black dress and we headed to the terrace as the cover was drawn back to reveal a beautiful black Cadillac. This car is the new generation of the CTS and the lightest vehicle to date of the segment. The Cadillac CTS is more energy efficient and let me tell you it has a beautiful interior finish a perfect fit for a luxury sports car. The new branding of Cadillac is working the guests demographic was younger, savvy and brand conscious. They are educated about the finer things in life.

Overall the night was a huge success! Fun fact, they used a crane to put the Cadillac CTS on the terrace of the Shangri La and reroute downtown traffic for a day, and yes it was worth it…so dramatic!

Thank you Cadillac for a wonderful evening!

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Cadillac CTS 2013 Launch